The AAB looks forward to seeing you tomorrow April 13, for the first Multi-Events Trial in the series of three. Please see attached schedule of events for tomorrow.

Note, the main intention of the first trial is to expose the athletes to the various events with emphasis on events that are new to them. Athletes are encouraged to come out and try, even if they are not familiar with an event.

The second trial is for athletes to attempt the events with the new information and techniques they have learnt and/ or developed since the first trial with the view of improving on the performances achieved in the first trial.

The third (final) trial is the selection competition from which the national team is chosen (results of the previous two trials do not count towards this selection). Two males and females from each age category, U13 and U15, shall be selected to form the team of eight athletes. The athletes with the two top scores in each age and gender category shall be the basis by which the team is selected. (Note also, selection to the training squad does not give any athlete(s) a guarantee or advantage for selection to the national team. All athletes who choose to participate in the third trial have an equal opportunity of being selected. The scores at the end of the competition shall determine the selection.)

BSSAC Championship Meet                                  HY-TEK's Meet Manager
                      CAC MULTI EVENT TRIALS - 4/13/2013                       
                                 Multi Events                                  
                                Session Report                                 
                           Session: 1   Multi Events                           
                Day 1 - Saturday 4/13/2013 - Starts at 10:00 AM                
  Starts at      Event                             Round    
   10:00 AM   #1 Pent: #1 Girls 11-12 60 Meter Das Finals    
   10:10 AM   #2 Pent: #1 Boys 11-12 60 Meter Dash Finals    
   10:20 AM   #3 Hept: #1 Girls 13-14 80 Meter Das Finals    
   10:30 AM   #4 Hept: #1 Boys 13-14 80 Meter Dash Finals    
   10:30 AM   #1 Pent: #2 Girls 11-12 Long Jump    Finals    
   10:40 AM   #2 Pent: #2 Boys 11-12 Other Basebal Finals    
   10:50 AM   #3 Hept: #2 Girls 13-14 High Jump    Finals    
   11:00 AM   #4 Hept: #2 Boys 13-14 Shot Put      Finals    
                           Session: 2   Multi Events                           
                Day 1 - Saturday 4/13/2013 - Starts at 11:45 AM                
  Starts at      Event                             Round    
   11:45 AM   #1 Pent: #3 Girls 11-12 Other Baseba Finals    
   11:55 AM   #2 Pent: #3 Boys 11-12 High Jump     Finals    
   12:00 PM   #3 Hept: #3 Girls 13-14 Shot Put     Finals    
   12:10 AM   #4 Hept: #3 Boys 13-14 Long Jump     Finals    
                           Session: 3   Multi Events                           
                Day 1 - Saturday 4/13/2013 - Starts at 12:20 PM                
  Starts at      Event                             Round    
   12:20 PM   #3 Hept: #4 Girls 13-14 60 Meter Hur Finals    
   12:30 PM   #4 Hept: #4 Boys 13-14 80 Meter Hurd Finals    
   12:45 PM   #3 Hept: #5 Girls 13-14 Long Jump    Finals    
   12:45 PM   #4 Hept: #5 Boys 13-14 Other Basebal Finals    
    1:00 PM   #1 Pent: #4 Girls 11-12 High Jump    Finals    
    1:30 PM   #2 Pent: #4 Boys 11-12 Long Jump     Finals    
                           Session: 4   Multi Events                           
                Day 1 - Saturday 4/13/2013 - Starts at 02:15 PM                
  Starts at      Event                             Round    
    2:15 PM   #3 Hept: #6 Girls 13-14 Other Baseba Finals    
    2:15 PM   #4 Hept: #6 Boys 13-14 High Jump     Finals    
    2:30 PM   #1 Pent: #5 Girls 11-12 800 Meter Ru Finals    
    2:40 PM   #2 Pent: #5 Boys 11-12 1000 Meter Ru Finals    
    3:45 PM   #3 Hept: #7 Girls 13-14 1000 Meter R Finals    
    3:55 PM   #4 Hept: #7 Boys 13-14 1200 Meter Ru Finals 

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